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Services – Hallmark Aviation


Hallmark Aviation is proud to offer the following premium services:

Customer Service, Load Control, Flight Operations and Crew Management, Charter Operations, Station Management, Lounge Services, Lost and Found, Baggage Services and Claims Management at the local airports and through our 24/7 Call and Service Center

Self-service kiosk at airport terminal

Airport Services

Hallmark Aviation works with several airports and terminal operators
to provide piece of mind for their customers transiting their facilities.
Our services are tailored to each individual location ensuring that
customers get high quality service with budget friendly solutions.

  • Airport Information Kiosks
  • Automated Passport Control Assistance
  • Customs and Border Protection Assistance on Arrival
  • Queue Management
  • VIP Services

Airline Services

Hallmark’s leading product is our Customer Service. Our team is
experienced in providing legendary Customer Service to a wide variety
of carriers from international airlines to regional specialty carriers. Our
team provides all aspects of Customer Service operations:
We tailor our services to provide customers with efficient, high quality,
and cost-effective solutions.

  • Passenger Processing (Ticketing, Check-in, Boarding)
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Jet Bridge Operation
  • Customs and Border Protection Assistance on Arrival
  • VIP service
  • Lobby Services
  • Station Supervision and Management
Young blonde woman giving documents while passing check in in airport in backlit

Centralized Baggage Service

Hallmark Aviation Services provides dedicated and shared staff trained
specifically in the areas of Lost and Found & Baggage Service.
Our agents become an extension of your airline, your brand, and most
importantly, your customer service standards and procedures.
Centralized Baggage Service is also available at those airports where we
service multiple carriers to provide greater operational coverage and
efficiency; thus, providing the Customer a high degree of service by
quickly resolving lost and damaged baggage claims. Our team also has
IATA certified Baggage Claims and Proration Officers along with staff
certified as Complaint Resolution Officials under CFR Part 382.

  • Centralized Baggage Service
  • Full Claim Handling and Settlement
  • 24/7 Call and Service Center
  • Network Claim Handling
  • Network Baggage Service Call Center Handling
  • Small Claims Representation


Hallmark Aviation invests numerous hours to upskill new employees
and existing employees in various airline and regulatory training.
All new hire employees attend our paid New Hire Training course to
give them the knowledge to succeed in their new career at Hallmark

Our existing employees also have access to Coaching, Leadership and
Management training courses. This way we can foster the
employee’s growth at Hallmark.

Hallmark Aviation also uses a state of the art Learning Management System
where employees can enroll in various eCourses to continue their
upskilling. These eCourses include, but are not limited to Business
Writing, Customer Service, and Microsoft Office.

For cost and additional information on these courses, please e-mail
[email protected]

woman addressing meeting with map behind her

Charter Operations

Hallmark Aviation can provide services related to Charter Operations at select locations within our network.

Airport Lost and Found

Hallmark Aviation is a growing name with airport guest experience and the lost & found management product in the US.  Hallmark partnered with Lost & Found Software to provide a tailored, state of the art lost and found software solution which uses image recognition to ensure items are rapidly returned to guests while boosting customer experience scores for any line of business.

airline seat with personal items left behind
airport control tower desk

Additional Services

Hallmark provides total turn-support for our Customers by coordinating all turn activities including fuel, ramp/cargo, catering, baggage transfer, customs, flight plans, weather, and NOTAMS.
Our highly trained and experienced Load Controllers provide support for many of the world’s premium carriers. They are certified for the largest and most sophisticated aircraft in the skies on some of the most weight-sensitive segments.

Flight Operations allows us to provide Load Control for multiple carriers.

Additionally, we are ACARS enabled for remote stations.

  • Load Control
  • Flight Ops
  • Ramp Coordination
  • Turnaround Coordinator
  • Crew Logistics